Equipment Rental List

NOTE: Labor fees for Setup & Breakdown start at $75.00

Audio Equipment

Wireless Lavaliere or Handheld Microphone
Wired Microphone
Microphone stand (straight or boom)
JBL powered speakers with stands
18in powered Sub Speakers
Sound System PackageIncludes: 2 JBL Speakers & Stands, Denon Dual CD Player/Mixer, Mp3 Player jack, Wired Microphone, 2 Mic inputs, and road case

Visual Equipment

Projector (VGA, S – Video, Component – 2.5k lumens)
Projector (VGA, S – Video, Component – 4k lumens)
Projector (VGA, S – Video, Component – 5.5k lumens)
Projector Stands
Media Cart
6’ x 8’ Front – Rear Projection Screen
9’ x 12’ Front – Rear Projection Screen
10’ 5’’ x 14’ Front – Rear Projection Screen
55” LCD HDTV with Stand
42” LCD HDTV with Stand
32” LCD HDTV with Stand
TV Stand
HDMI or VGA Splitter Cable
DVD Player/HD Blu-ray Player
Freestanding Podium
Plexiglas Podium

Environment Rentals

Snow Machine (includes 1 gallon of fluid)
Smoke or Fog Machine (includes 1 gallon of fluid)
Small Bubble Machine (includes 1 gallon of fluid)
Scent Machine (includes 1 scent cartridge)Scent Machine fills up to 2000 sq/ft.
Hand-Held Confetti Cannons
Remote Industrial Confetti Cannons
Honda Generator

Décor Rentals

25’ x 3’ Red Carpet
Red Velvet Rope + Stations (Brass)
Red Velvet Rope + Stations (Chrome)
3’ Trees (brown or silver)
6’ Glitter Tree
3’ Lighted Snowflakes