Lighting Design Packages

Event lighting is one of the easiest ways to transform your ceremony or reception space. Integrating lighting can add to the ambiance and feeling of your space, while accentuating your wedding design details.   The right lighting can add dimension to your cake, flowers, and décor while creating an ideal setting for photographers and videographers. When it comes to lighting your wedding there are many different styles to consider for both practical and aesthetic reasons to achieve the feeling and mood you desire for your wedding day. Let us help bring your dream wedding to life with lighting.

Since every venue, layout, and installation is different, please feel free to contact one of our event producers with any questions.


Accent Lighting:

North Carolina Wedding Lighting

Photo: Brian Mullins Photography

LED Up Lighting: Up lighting is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to change the atmosphere of a space. Our LED up lights are top of the line and can be programmed to perfectly match your wedding colors.

Package starts at $375.00 for 12 lights in the color of your choice/$20.00 for each additional light

Deluxe LED Up Lighting: LED Up Lighting can be controlled by a lighting tech with a computer to change colors throughout the evening, creating an interactive light show for your guests.

Package starts at $375.00 for 12 lights + $55/hour for Lighting Tech/$20 for each additional light


Custom Monogram:

Jagg Photography

Photo: Jagg Photography

Custom Monogram/Gobo: Gobo projection allows you to bring personality and texture into your space. A small disc, a gobo, is placed into a specific projector to create a monogram or pattern on your wall, ceiling, or floor.

Gobo Projector Rental Only – $75.00

Custom Gobo* (includes Projector rental) – $300.00

*All custom Gobos are listed at starting price; these prices may very due to complexity of design


String Lighting:

Robin Lin Photography

Photo: Robin Lin Photography

Edison Bulb String Lighting:  Often referred to as bistro or café lights, Edison lighting is the ideal illumination for your outdoor event, tent or reception space.

Package starts at $675.00 for 200 feet with 12’ ladder installation*/$125.00 for each additional 100 feet

*Additional fees may apply for heights over 12’

Mini LED String Lighting

Package starts at $575.00 for twenty 25’ strands with 12’ ladder installation*

*Additional fees may apply for heights over 12’


Fabric Ceiling Draping:


Photo: K2Productions

White Sheer Fabric Ceiling Draping

Packages start at $950.00 with 12’ ladder installation*

*Additional fees may apply for heights over 12’