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Temple Emanuel Bar Mitzvah – Greensboro, NC


10.24.15 Nicolas’s Bar Mitzvah

Temple Emanuel Bar Mitzvah

K2Productions had the best time at Nicolas’s Bar Mitzvah at the Temple Emanuel in Greensboro, NC.  DJ Alex provided music and did a great job keeping the kids out on the dance floor.  Alex played a variety of games with the kids where they were awarded tickets for prizes.  They enjoyed the more traditional games such as limbo, but one of their favorites was trying to get silly string into red plastic cups.  I am sure that was fun to clean up too.  Alex also set up intelligent LED up lights all around the room that changed colors to the beat of the music.


Limbo!!! How low can you go?


Get ready…catch!


Not quite hitting those cups, but looks like they are having a great time trying!!


Fun on the dance floor!


Look at all the glow necklaces!


Fun games with DJ Alex!


Who wants a ticket?

K2Productions has over a decade of experience providing exceptional wedding services all throughout North Carolina.  In addition to DJ services we offer state of the art event lighting and cinematic wedding videography services.

Contributing Vendors:

Venue: Temple Emanuel

Caterer: Reto’s Kitchen

Photographer: Katie Dickson Photography

Music and Entertainment: K2Productions